Dureco has been a leading company in the road transport and waste collection business since 1991

DUR.ECO S.r.l. was established on 25/01/1991 but the expertise derives from 40 years of the work and passion of two brothers who, thanks to their own initiative, aimed at innovating the ecological-environmental sector, which was unknown in the 1970s. They founded the first Benetti company – Bigiemme S.n.c. – which operated in the road transport and waste collection field independently and for third parties.

Over the past twenty years, the activities expanded into various waste collection segments and chiefly into solid urban waste and non-hazardous special waste, for which the company holds specific authorisations.

The experience gained and passion for road transport has led the company to specialising in the transport of goods abroad, where excellent results have been achieved. It definitely is one of the leading businesses in the sector, as can be seen from its turnover, which has grown over the years to over €4 million thanks also to the work of their reliable, well-trained and knowledgeable staff.

The company strategy aims at strengthening its position on the market in the short-term in order to expand towards the other segments available in the road transport sector in Europe, outside Europe and in North Africa. That is why since 2000, despite the market crises, it continued investing in the purchase of new vehicles to replace those with lower safety and environmental levels and increase productive capacity covering all kinds of transport. Dur.Eco’s objective is to reduce polluting emissions as well as employee risk by purchasing state-of-the-art vehicles, machinery and trucks that comply with the latest regulations and increase cost efficiency in all sectors – collection, disposal and transport.

Our clients are our best publicity as we have been working with them for over 40 years and have developed our services according to their evolving needs. We are always ready and willing to cooperate with you.
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